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From Newark,NJ

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The last winning moment, the crowning of McCreery, prodded the audience to their feet. The biggest plus to this concert was that each set was a breath of fresh air, and McCreery was no exception. A country boy at heart, he began his set with "Your Man" by Josh Turner, which has come to be McCreery's staple song. From "Baby, lock them doors and turn the lights down low," the crowd was overtaken with unbridled and explosive fandom. He followed this song up with "Are You Going to Kiss Me or Not" and his debut single, "I Love You This Big," with hand gestures galore. It isn't any wonder that he was crowned the winner. He has such charisma and effect on the audience that is reminiscent of the Beattles and Michael Jackson. Teen girls screamed, cried, jumped up and down, and belted the lyrics .

Another highly anticipated moment of the concert was the "When You Say Nothing at All," a duet by McCreery and Alaina. It was unreal, as if the audience was stepping back in time and seeing a younger Underwood and Paisley up on stage. Their chemistry is unmatched by any of the other contestant pairings this year. There is word that a duet will appear on each of their respective albums. Let's hope this is true.

To finish off the evening, McCreery began a group performance with Alaina, Reinhart, Megia, and Toscano of "Gone" by Montgomery Gentry. This was a bold move as none of the others, save for Alaina, have a single country fiber in their beings. That was just a wrongful conclusion. The girls clearly know how to interpret country music, and the crowd roared the entirety of the performance.

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