Monday, August 1, 2011

Lauren Alaina may have been runner up from this season's American Idol (Fox channel 10 in Phoenix) but she has won over the hearts of so many fans that it had to be an extremely close second place.  While on The American Idol tour Alaina took a moment to discuss details of her upcoming album (with a reporter from the Ledger-Enquirer) which is moving along quite nicely. 

She told reporters that she recorded 5 songs in one day (which anyone is the music industry will vouche is a lot).  Of those five songs she co wrote one called 'The Funny Thing About Love' with two professional song writers Brett James and Luke Laird.  She said it was an upbeat song that isn't necessarily about her own personal life (but she is not shy so she may try her hand at writing about personal issues in the future).

She did mention AGAIN in the interview that she is not dating Scotty McCreery even though she is still asked the question quite a bit.  One of the things that makes Lauren Alaina so appealing is she is honest, forth coming, far from shy, and will say just about anything that pops into her mind (some would say she has an infectious personality).  It is refreshing to connect with someone who has found superstardom success in tiny ways.  Almost anyone can find some way to connect to her. 


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