Tuesday, August 30, 2011

NEW SINGLE from SCOTTY McCreery "The Trouble With Girls"

Scotty McCreery's BRAND NEW single is "The Trouble With Girls". It's a tune written by Chris Tompkins (Before He Cheats) and Phillip White ("I'm Movin On"-Rascal Flatts). "The Trouble With Girls" is a ballad with a twist.

The trouble with girls is they’re a mystery /
Something about them puzzles me /
Spent my whole life trying to figure out /
Just what them girls are all about,

McCreery sings over a delicate piano to begin the song. There’s confidence and maturity beyond his experience as he never over sings the moment. Too often a new singer sounds like he or she is begging, but there isn’t an ounce of desperation in anything McCreery has released thus far.
The chorus goes,

“They smile that smile
They bat those eyes
They steal you with hello 
 They kill you with goodbye
They hook you with one touch
And you can’t break free
Yeah the trouble with girls 
 Is nobody loves trouble as much as me

Lyrics courtesy of Taste Of Country.com

UPDATE: You can purchase "The Trouble With Girls" tomorrow night! Mike McCreery tweeted that information. Also they have taken "The Trouble With Girls" down on Youtube. Therre's only one that I know of that works.

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