Friday, August 5, 2011

Scotty Doesn't See Acting in His Future

Scotty says he will be sticking to what he knows...Country!

"I don’t know if I will pull a Tim McGraw or not,” Scotty said. “I’m going to stick with country.” Fans across the nation have adored Scotty since he was first seen on American Idol, so it makes sense that he wants to stick to what he knows best, for now anyway."

And has that money been burning a hole in his pocket?

Although he has had an incredible rise to success, he still loves the simple things he did when he was growing up. Once he returned from the West Coast, he made it a point to stop at Bojangles, a local fast food restaurant. He also spoke about his appreciation of sweet tea. So far, he’s been able to keeep his feet planted firmly on the ground. “I haven’t gone out and bought a gold chain 24-carat or anything. I’m still eatin’ off the dollar menu.


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