Saturday, September 10, 2011

Offical Track Listing for Clear As Day

With only 4 weeks to go until Scotty's debut album Clear As Day is released here is the OFFICAL track listing from!

1.Out of Summertime-Tim Nichols and Jonathan Singleton
2.I Love You This Big-Jay Smith, Ronnie Jackson,Esther Jean,Brett James
3.Clear As Day-Phil O' Donnell,Casey Beathard,Adam Wheeler
4.The Trouble With Girls-Chris Thompins,Phillip White
5.Water Tower Town-Cole Swindell,Tammi Kidd,Lynn Hutton
6.Walk In The Country-Keith Urban,Vernon Rust
7.Better Than That-Chris Destefano, Jess Cates, Craigwiseman
8.Write My Number On Your Hand-Rhett Akins,Thomas Rhett Akins
9.Dirty Dishes-Michael Dulaney,Neil Thrasher, Tony Martin
10.You Make That Look Good-Rhett Akins,Lee Thomas Miller
11.Back On The Ground-Neil Thrasher,Casey Beathard,Tony Martin
12.That Old King James-Phillip White,Mark Nesler


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