Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Rquesting Scotty on Your LOCAL RADIO STATION-ONLY

Edit:This may or may not be legit but I felt as other people do who support Scotty and want to give Scotty a chance that this should be posted.

This letter is from Idol Forums:

Dear Scotty fans/street teamers,

We would like to request that you ONLY contact your LOCAL radio stations when requesting Scotty. We know when you are not from our area by your ip address/etc. By launching your attacks and/or campaigns, you are doing nothing but hurting Scotty and his chances of getting airplay by annoying our air staff, managers,etc. Remember, this is our job. You have a job too right? So put yourself in our shoes for a minute please.

Scotty's music will garner airplay by sales, touring, research,buzz, etc. You are doing nothing but wasting your time and energy by launching your full on email, Facebook, etc attacks on our stations. Scotty has record company executives that call radio stations directly, that is their job to get the songs on the radio, not yours.

We appreciate your passion and energy for a new artist, we really do, but you guys/girls are getting out of hand and it will end up hurting Scotty in the end.

We do not hate Scotty by any means so let's put that to bed now but we must say it reflects negative on him when you are sending out mass emails to stations that you do not even listen to or that serve you. In case you didn't know we are licensed to serve our local communities not the world.

Just thought we would let you guys in on some very important information before its too late for the guy you love this BIG! original.gif

Take Care,


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